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Virtual Showroom for Pagani

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Pagani is an Italian manufacturer of hyper cars. The company was founded in 1992 by the Argentinian Horacio Pagani and is based in San Cesario sul Panaro, near Modena, Italy.
To help customers find the perfect configuration, the consultancy MHP has partnered with us to build a state of the art experience that is available as a Pagani virtual showroom as well as a live streaming solution for every car enthusiast out there.

PANDA took care of the conceptual part for all user interface related tasks, followed by the application design and coordination of the frontend-development. In combination with the high-quality unreal application development visuals of MHP, Pagani is now able to present itself with a tailor-made solution that clearly stands out from the competition.

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Configuration devices

All configuration options are available on the sales tablet application of the Pagani dealer where he can also control the view of the vehicle that is displayed on the customer screen.
The left part of the dealer tablet bundles all functionalities to interact with the vehicle perspective, the vehicle features and the environment. The right part of the dealer tablet bundles all configuration functionalities.

Dealer Setup 01
Customer screen / Dealer device

The heart of the application is based on the Unreal Engine and delivers high-resolution and realistic 360° visualizations. So the Pagani dealer is able to rotate the vehicle by himself or use a set of predefined camera views. He can freely interact with the vehicle and trigger various animations to showcase every detail.

Cases tablet configurator search pagani 02 1 2x
„It’s one click to download, one click to install, and one click to launch! And it’s completely personalizable.“
18 17 09 8 K
18 17 35 8 K
18 19 59 8 K
18 17 58 8 K
18 19 08 8 K
18 20 47 8 K
18 21 14 8 K
18 20 20 8 K
18 22 39 8 K
18 23 03 8 K
18 23 39 8 K

The Pagani Configurator UI is implemented as a web application driven by Angular and Angular Material. As it can be run as a Progressive Web App (PWA), it can be placed on the tablets home screen and be launched like any other app, giving it a near-native feeling to the dealer. The benefits of implementing the Pagani Configurator UI using web technologies can easily be seen when taking a look at the stripped down version shown at Nvidia GTC which is able to run in every modern browser.

We implemented the Pagani Configurator UI from scratch and took part in the architectural decisions that were required to be made for the UI to be able to communicate with the application backend and the Unreal Engine. From day one, we put focus on keeping the UI responsive (in sense of performance) by making extensive use of reactive structures reliably connecting different parts of the UI.
The state of the configurator is held by the engine so that restarting the UI always resumes from where the user left off. It is even possible to configure the car with multiple UI instances being connected simultaneously.

Cases tablet configurator pagani 03
Material editor

Endless materials and colors

The configuration combinations are almost endless due to the fact that we implemented a built-in material editor that allows Pagani to create their own new materials directly within the application.

Material strip 04
Material strip 03
Material strip 02
Material strip 01

If the customers is happy with the result he can have an instant look at configuration within the driving experience that shows the car on the Formula1 racetrack of Imola or export every single view of the vehicle as a 8k high res image.

Driving experience
„Now, the applications we are building are more like games. The purpose is car sales, but the applications are engaging in the same way that a game is.“

Stephan Baier, MHP

Driving experience takeoff

For all petrolheads out there

In addition to functions and models, the live streaming solution was launched in cooperation with monkeyway as a preview for the Nvidia GTC event in November 2020, so that all Pagani enthusiasts around the world can now create their own car and share their configurations in social media channels via #paganiconfigurator.

Customer: MHP - A Porsche Company, Pagani
Tasks: Concept, Art Direction, Design, UI/UX, Frontend