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Fingerprints vinyl series by Isaac Haze

Fingerprints vinyl series by Isaac Haze
Fingerprints Vol. 3

In 2016 our friend Jörg – Isaac Haze, beatmaker & musician from Stuttgart – came up with 6 tracks and searched for an appropriate EP title and cover artwork. Jörg dedicated the various titles to different artists that inspired him in the past and tried to incorporate their work within his tracks.

Of course, we attended to the matter and helped our friend out with the conceptual and graphical part. One thing led to another – and after two successful EPs, we currently released the third volume of the "Fingerprint" series.

Fingerprints Volume 1
Fingerprints Volume 2
Fingerprints Volume 3
„I never sold beats (although I’ve often been asked to) because I never saw myself as a typical beatmaker. Instead, I see myself more as a musician.“

Isaac Haze

Fingerprints Volume 2 Vinyl
Fingerprints Vol. 2
Fingerprints Volume 1
Fingerprints Vol. 1

For his latest video "Ride Low", Isaac Haze reused his personal collection of comic clips that he collected during the past years.

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Isaac Haze - Ride Low (Official Video)
Customer: Isaac Haze
Tasks: Concept, Cover-Art