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The Sound of Driving Performance

Sound Manual for Mercedes-AMG

The visual appearance of Mercedes-AMG and the sound of its vehicles are decisive for the radiance and success of a company at a time of cultural change towards contemporary mobility. But how can this be translated into an acoustic guide for the whole brand?

With the Sound Manual solution for Mercedes-AMG, PANDA teamed up with HearDis! to revolutionise audio branding best practices for corporate needs. Because of its interactive nature, the Sound Manual is more than a mere audio compass. In an unprecedented manner, the dynamic and tailor-made solution further optimises internal communication and workflows around audio-related matters for marketing and brand strategy purposes.

„We at Mercedes-AMG are always interested in making processes more efficient - and this project has really helped us.“

Kevin Fassbender, Brand Management and Communication Planning / Mercedes-AMG

PANDA and HearDis! for Mercedes-AMG
PANDA and HearDis! for Mercedes-AMG

In the initial phase toward the creation of the Sound Manual, the core brand attributes of AMG - 'intensity', 'character' and 'superiority' - were interpreted by musicologist Andreas Schoenrock and translated into musical parameters, such as tempo, genre, key, mood, among others.

The result was a hand-picked selection of songs that are authentic, evocative and characteristic of the identity of the brand Mercedes-AMG. The titles and further audio specifications are integrated into the elaborate and intuitive tool - the Sound Manual - which can then be utilised by the company to optimise its branding guidelines and thus ensure a coherent and effective brand identity across touchpoints.

Mercedes-AMG Sound Manual Matrix
AMG Music Statement Matrix

Technologies used
The technical base is a highly customized version of Backbone.js for the application logic and d3 for the rendering of unique, animated visualizations.

Customer: Mercedes-AMG
Tasks: Concept, Art Direction, Design, Development
Partner: HearDis!