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Motionbox – backplates for your automotive film project

Video by Mackevision

Innovation in moving images

Motionbox is a web-based service that enables the user to test 3D models from the automotive sector in a realistic environment in moving image. For this service PANDA was asked by Mackevision to do the concept, design and frontend development.

The Motionbox offers an all-in-one solution for every type of driving film. This unique moving image database consists of footage specially tailored to the automotive industry's needs and offers everyone the ability to take on the role of the director. This lets customers directly and efficiently create high-end films for trade fairs, product presentations, events, virtual test drives, digital showrooms and much more – without the necessary shooting.

„Highly attractive driving shots in urban locations for your confidential concept cars.“
Example of environment available in the Motionbox

Effective production time

Especially in the automotive market, speed is a considerable competitive advantage. Motionbox customers save a lot of time – Mackevision completes the production from the conceptual design phase through to post-production in a few days.

Customers will know your end product in advance because they are familiar with the film sequences right from the start. There are no limits when picking the perfect scene. Get inspired, choose prefered shots, change the shot order and add wishes regarding animation, duration or shading. The result: customized, high quality driving shots for any and every occasion.

Motionbox CGI Insight
Motionbox CGI Insight
Motionbox CGI Insight

Technical background

Motionbox is implemented as a single-page-application (SPA) to provide a responsive UI for better UX.
The technical base for the frontend is AngularJS combined with customized Foundation components.

Customer: Mackevision
Tasks: Concept, Art Direction, Design, Templating